Disguise ~

As bubbles they murmur,
Silent and subtle
Roars tied inside!

As oceans by the Doldrums,
Still and serene
Volcanoes slept in depths!

As feathers they descend,
Blithe and buoyant
Avalanche veiled within!

As mountains they stand,
High and hefty
Burrows concealed beneath!

As pleasant as the dawn sky
Clear and cloudless
Suppressing thunders within!

Cry now,
Let the mirror break!

My Yellow Fellow~

He loves to walk in rain with me
Marshy land and hazy glee
How lucky are you,
My yellow fellow mackintosh!

You’ve been to Daddy’s office
You’re always there for service
How lucky are you,
My yellow fellow mackintosh!

You’ve seen the school and market
The long and hollow jacket
How lucky are you,
My yellow fellow mackintosh!

You splash the water over
Naughty children hover
How lucky are you,
My yellow fellow mackintosh!
My Yellow fellow..!!
~Yet another silly ‘rain-inspired’ vignette! Sounds sooo juvenile.. huh?! I know :)~

The Withdrawal~

It all drained out of me;
The words and vigor
And I stood shivering in the wind,
Painting paleness on my walls

I lost the voice that spoke
These weary sighs that remain
And I kept talking to myself,
Latching the lips with perpetual muteness

I am lost in this barren land
Waving to the wandering wind
And I am staring at the fume ahead,
Swirling out of the burning words

I returned those armors
That covered my delicate senses
And I lay staring at the silent sky,
Blotted, bitten & bruised

I surrendered those wings
At the end of the battle
And I am stood on the deck,
Feeling the touch of a rope around the neck!



Its penance,
Of a selfish self.
Life or Death,
Which is more painful?

Its arduous,
The bonds.
Can it survive,
Without breaking you?

Its over,
The epoch.
The remnants -
Would it remain; like ash afloat in a river?

~By the creek~

By the boiling creek
I stood with pearls on my cheek
It was dark
Like a sleeping nook

A creek gull yelled,
In the east sky, where wind swelled
The sky was moonless
Like an angry Goddess

The stars were asleep
With no yearn for another peep
Can you hear that song,
Flowing by the shore along?
On the citadels it echoes
And spreading like a breeze pathos

O flowing glee,
Let me walk to thee
To embrace thy depths
Surrendering whole my breath..
..my whole panting breath!


~The Sleepless bard~

Like an angel lost her wings
There's a poet lingering,
In the meadows of a farther land
Searching for his lost sleep
Asking the night-sky,
Begging the stars,
Lying on the bare grass
Talking to the clouds
Night after night, the sleepless bard

Like the brooding clouds
There's a poet wandering,
On the grassy lands
Where the night-mist sleeps
Listening to the ripples;
Flowing by the feet
Smiling at the crescent;
Shining on the mount
Night after night, the sleepless bard

Like the shadows perching
On the boughs of trees
There's a poet lying
Staring at the sky
The banyan above him;
Sleeping like a shivering wind
Shadows raining on him,
Like the fluttering leaves
Night after night, the sleepless bard

Like the spreading wine,
There's poet crawling
Wailing like a wind;
Smiling like a floret
Waving to the void
Talking to the breeze
Screaming to the heights
Night after night, the sleepless bard

Like the wilted leaves,
In a starry night,
After silent laments,
Of nights after nights,
The poet slept,
The poet slept.. under the banyan.!
And beside him, lay -
The scattered pages..
And an inkless pen!!